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Integration Strategies


Before integrating, make sure you have familiarised yourself with Authentication mechanisms.

You can use different strategies for connecting your application with RaiseNow. You may decide to poll the RaiseNow API at regular intervals, or you may subscribe to events via webhooks so RaiseNow notifies your application when a record is created or updated. Using webhooks is the recommended approach.


RaiseNow provides a number of events your application may subscribe to. Details of how to subscribe to events via webhooks can be found within Webhooks. Examples of each event are available in the Events Overview.


When using polling, you must be aware that our search API only guarantees eventual consistency. In particular, that means that searching for objects within a short time frame after they have been created or changed might return outdated information.

If you decide on a polling approach, you can use the Payment Search endpoint.


Make sure, you use reasonable intervals for polling the RaiseNow API. Excessive polling will result in blocked API clients without prior notice.