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Settlement Reconciliation

RaiseNow has integrations setup with various acquiring partners to automatically retrieve settlement information. Acquiring partners will notify RaiseNow when a payout is executed and what individual payments and acquirer fees are associated with that payout. When RaiseNow matches this payout to an entry in a camt.053 file, reconciliation reports will be generated and individual payments will be updated with value date as reported in the camt file and acquirer fees as reported by the acquiring partner.

Providing the camt file to RaiseNow

RaiseNow supports the following ways to provide a camt file.

PostFinance FDS

Through the integration with PostFinance, RaiseNow can automatically retrieve camt files from PostFinance. This requires contractual setup with PostFinance to be completed between your organisation and PostFinance. Once this setup is complete, RaiseNow will retrieve camt files from PostFinance regularly and generate reconciliation reports if a payout is identified in the camt file.


PostFinance FDS does support file delivery for a specific file type only for one client application. This mean, if you setup PostFinance to deliver the camt.053 file to RaiseNow, you will loose access to this file through PostFinance FDS.

RaiseNow API

You may use your own EBICS client or some other avenue to retrieve camt files from your bank account. You can send camt files to RaiseNow via the RaiseNow API endpoint. The blueprint mentioned in this documentation will be provided to you during the onboarding process. You can think of the blueprint as a set of instructions what sort of information will be expected in the provided camt file. For example, it may contain direct debit payments for a particular creditor account or settlement payouts.

If you supply a camt file the reconciliation report will be generated directly. Subsequently, payments in RaiseNow will be updated or generated depending on the use case. Note that processing all payments contained in the report may take some time. Duplicate upload of the same file to the same blueprint will result in rejection of the file.


Uploading the same file to different blueprints will result in generation of duplicate payment records.

Differences Hub vs. Manager Platform

Currently, reconciliation services for most combinations of payment methods and payment service providers are only supported on the Manager platform. See the below table for reference:

Payment MethodeAcquiring PartnerManagerHub
American ExpressSwissCardyesno
PostFinance CardPostFinanceyesno
PostFinance E-FinancePostFinanceyesno
SEPA Direct DebitStripenono
PayPal WalletPayPalnono

RaiseNow Hub

API documentation on the RaiseNow Hub can be found here.

Recommended integration strategy:

  • Register event subscriptions via the API
  • Listen on raisenow.reconciliation.reconciliation_report.created event
  • Query the API to retrieve transactions for the reconciliation report.


  • When a report is created, the RaiseNow Hub will send the raisenow.reconciliation.reconciliation_report.createdevent. See this example for reference. The RaiseNow Hub will now start indexing created payments.
  • You can now query the search API with this request body in regular intervals, until the response returns the expected number of payments.
"query": {
"$and": [
"$term": {
"organisation_uuid": "<organisation_uuids>"
"$term": {
"metadata.adapter.reconciliation.report_uuid": "<report_uuid>"
"size": 1000,
"from": 0,
"includes": [],
"excludes": [],
"sort": {
"uuid": "DESC"
  • Once the expected number of payments is returned you can query the search API to retrieve payments with the required fields as needed.

Please note that indexing can take several minutes. If you want to verify that all payments have been indexed, check that the number of hits returned matches the reported payments in the original event notification.


Fair Use Policy

Please limit the amount of search queries you do to a sensible number. If you notice that responses are slow (e.g. because your search query is complex) make sure to reduce the number of requests you do. In case our monitoring notices unexpected or adversarial search behaviour impacting other API users, we may disable your API credentials without any prior warning.

RaiseNow Manager

The RaiseNow Manager platform is deprecated.

Functionality is currently being ported to RaiseNow Hub. Further documentation can be provided on request. Contact support@raisenow. We advise against significant time investments in the Manager platform.

Relevant documentation on the API can be found here.

Recommended integration strategy:

  • Register event subscription (webhook) via API
  • Listen to the rnw.system.event.reconciliation_statement.created event. The event contains all information required.
  • You can also listen to the event but retrieve the reconciliation statement via API. This may be useful if request size for the supplied endpoint is a concern.

Polling for new reconciliation reports is not supported by the API