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What is a Supporter?

A Supporter represents a person interacting with an organisation, e.g. a donor or a customer.

What information does a Supporter hold?

RaiseNow defines a list of Supporter fields that can be used. Custom-Parameters can be used to store additional information.

The full list of Supporter fields can be gathered from the Supporter API.

Supporters and Payments

Payments can be linked to a Supporter. This can be done either by creating a new Supporter or by referencing an existing Supporter during the Payment process. The linked Supporter can be found in the supporter object of a Payment.

Creating a Supporter during the Payment process

When creating a Payment using the Initialise Payment endpoint, supporter information can be provided in the supporter object. A Supporter is automatically created if the create_payment_source or the create_supporter fields are set to true. Or if a Subscription without an existing supporter is created.

The Uuid of the created PaymentSource, Subscription and Supporter can be found on the resulting Payment.

Referencing an existing Supporter during the Payment process

By setting the create_supporter field to false and only providing the uuid of the existing Supporter in the supporter object, a Payment can be linked to an already existing Supporter when using the Initialise Payment endpoint.

The difference between Supporters and SupporterSnapshots

Payments can not only have a Supporter object but also a SupporterSnapshot. The Supporter Snapshot is stored with the Payment and cannot be changed later (it represents the information used when performing the Payment). A Supporter object, however, is stored independently of the Payment and is only referenced via the Supporter Uuid. Supporter objects can be changed later. This can be useful if Supporter information changes during the lifetime of a Supporter (e.g. the name or address changes), but the original information used to make a Payment should still be available.

Supporters and Subscriptions

A Subscription always belong to one Supporter. The Supporter of a Subscription can be found via the supporter_uuid field of a Subscription.