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Organisations & Accounts

What is an organisation?

An organisation is an organised entity such as a club, company, charity or institution, that is registered to use our platform (for instance via our onboarding process).

It can be a client, a partner, or even RaiseNow itself.

Typically, an organisation is a legal entity that has a contract with RaiseNow.

What are accounts?

Accounts belong to organisations, and an organisation can contain many accounts.

Accounts provide a way of subdividing an organisation. For instance, based on things such as territorial regions or purpose based departments, often depending on the legal and contractual setup.

Some other entities in the platform (such as payments, subscriptions and configurations) belong specifically to an account and not to a whole organisation.

What information do organisations and accounts hold?

Organisation data can be gathered from the organisations api.

Account data can be gathered from the accounts api.